Form & Function with External Solid Wall Insulations

External Wall Insulation can help save your home from high energy bills.

Wall External Insulation

Millions of households in the UK suffer from exorbitant energy bills due to their uninsulated solid walls. In fact, one in three homeowners in the UK, live in a house that’s been built before the 1930s. These houses have wall structures that can only retain 55% of the heat generated by their central heating system.

Central heating accounts for over 75% of the energy expenditure of an average UK household. Since homes with solid walls, on average, allow 45% of generated heat to escape, you’re essentially throwing money away by not insulating your walls.

If you’re tired of a cold and energy inefficient house that’s plagued with mold and condensation, it’s time for you thought about insulating your home with Exterior Wall Insulation. The process involves installing a layer of insulating material to your outer wall. And all of this is done with minimal disruption of your home’s interior.