Complaints Policy

Infinity Property Management Complaints Procedure

Please find a step by step guide of our complaints procedure and the process that Infinity Property Management follows when we receive a complaint from a customer.

Accessing the Green Deal Complaints procedure does not affect you statutory rights.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of any resolutions that Infinity propose then you can contact the Green Deal Ombudsman Service please see point 11 below for full details.

  1. When a complaint first arrives, a member of staff will call the customer to acknowledge the complaint and fill out the customer complaint form. (GD-12). This will also need to be logged on the excel Complaints tracker.
  1. After the call Infinity Property Management Ltd will send a complaints acknowledgement letter, which the customer should receive within 7 working days of the complaint being received. (GD-13).
  1. The complaint will be passed on to the relevant person within the department that the complaint relates to, to resolve or come to a decision regarding the complaint.
  1. Where the complaint is made in respect of a breach of the relevant requirements by the Green Deal Installer or Green Deal Assessor, the Infinity Property Management’s complaints handling procedure must include a duty on Infinity Property Management to:
  1. Obtain all necessary information from the relevant Green Deal Installer or Green Deal Assessor;
  1. Notify in writing to the Certification Body on whose membership list the Green Deal Installer or Green Deal Assessor is included.
  1. Depending on who the complaint is about, send the following form to the installer or the assessor (Installer response to Customer Complaint Form (GD-12.1) or Assessor response to Customer Complaint Form (GD-12.2)), they will need to reply with a response within 3 working days. They will then be given 7 working days to resolve the problem and respond with proof.
  1. Once we receive the Installer or Assessor’s response form, we will need to fill out the Follow up to Customer Complaint Form (GD12.3). We will need to call the customer and state the actions that have been taken by the Installer/Assessor to resolve the complaint.
  1. Ask if they are satisfied with the result. If the customer is satisfied with the result close the complaint.

If the customer is not satisfied with the result of the complaint this will need to be detailed on the form and then sent to the installer to be rectified by following the steps above.