- Solar electric or photovoltaic (PV) technology converts daylight directly into electricity. This generated electricity can power your business, home, farm or outbuildings.

- PV panels produce clean, emission free energy from a sustainable source; this will reduce your carbon footprint. Each kilowatt-hour produced saves around 0.54 kg of carbon dioxide emissions.

- Solar PV panels are ideal for urban and rural locations, requiring a south or near south facing roof or ground area. They are easily connected to the building’s electricity supply.

- Any electricity generated from a domestic system will receive a tax free feed-in tariff. Additionally, any surplus electricity will be sold back to the National Grid with an additional 3.1p/kWh. Most electricity suppliers assume 50% of electricity generated will be exported.

- A typical domestic system will currently save a homeowner around £900-£1000/year, tax-free.

- The feed-in tariff is guaranteed for 25 years and is indexed linked to inflation so it compares favorably to savings and pension investments.

By using Solar Energy you will qualify for the feed-in tariff scheme which provides you with, at present, up to 21p p/kwh for all of the electricity you produce with your solar panels. There is an opportunity to make an extra 3.1p for each unit of energy you don’t use when you feed it back to the national electric grid. Overall you will be seeing a high return of up to £1,000 each year with some larger 4kW installations making significantly more! This means that your solar panels will not just be generating energy every day, they will be making you money every day too.

MCS Accredited Solar Installers

The fact that we are MCS (Micro-Generation Certificate Scheme) accredited means that you will be able to take advantage of all government schemes currently running and the ones that are yet to come in to effect.

Why Install a Solar PV from INFINITY

- Free Electricity
- 20 Year Income With Fit
- Upto 10% Return On Your Investment
- Earn Upto 16P/k WH , Tax free
- Avoid Rising Energy Prices.
- Inhouse Installation
- MCS Accredited

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