Property Maintenance Agreement

1. Agreement number: _______________________________

2. Customer Details:

Customer Name: ______________________________________________

Property Address: ______________________________________________

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3. Maintenance Plan Details
Rates quoted are monthly amounts
Property Band: Flat £39.99 House £44.99

Pro Rata: £_______

Payment Method: __________________(Direct Debit/ lump Sum )

Today’s Date: ________________

Start Date (14 days from above date ) : ______________ Duration: 12 Months

Property Assessment Sheet Must Be completed. £35.00 (Landlords Only)

Total Start Up Payment: £___________ followed by 12 monthly Installments starting 1st of _____________.

I understand that all plans are for 12 months and agree to all terms and

Conditions stated in this agreement.

Print Name: _________________________________________________

_______________________________ ___________________________
Signature Date

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